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*N-CEC proudly announces that it has become one of the council member recognized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).* *Validity evaluation service council selected by KHIDI working efficiently to revolutionize basic and intermediary research in new drugs and medical devices.*

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N-CEC offers specialty biomedical research services including preclinical investigations. Non-clinical research service contributes to significant portion of our repertoire. Functional evaluations of the potential medications/drug/treatment through various experiments specifically customized to suit the objective of the investigation.

Anticancer Drug Evaluations



Diabetic Models

N-CEC is flexible and tailors its efforts to any requested special procedure that is needed or requested. N-CEC has a well-established cooperation with other partnering institutes which provide a fully equipped infrastructure facility for all kind of evaluations.

Digestion Models


Blood circulation evaluations

Depression Models

It is necessary to understand the oxidative stress to measure the efficacy of the potential antioxidant. We conduct analysis of ROS through various approaches in cells and tissues to evaluate the efficacy of the potential antioxidant. N-CEC understands the importance of the Pharmacokinetics(PK) and provides extensive clinical pharmacokinetics (PK) service with pharmacodynamics(PD) support. Also, extend our services to predict the toxicity of substances.

Antioxidant Efficacy

Pharmacodynamics Analysis

Pathological Evaluations

Toxicity Test

Cognitive functions are brain-based skills that are required for knowledge acquisition, information manipulation, and reasoning. NCEC provides extensive services in cognitive functioning using animal models. Mouse models are powerful models to study learning and memory processes and molecular mechanisms involved. Also, helpful to study and develop therapies for diseases involving cognitive impairment.

Memory impairment

Antidepressant activity

Anticonvulsant and analgesic activities

Animal models of sleep disorders