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Korea Institute of
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Networks with other reputed institutes is a valuable asset and enhance the quality of the research and services. Also, network creates an environment where creativity and idea generation are encouraged and developed. We believe that excellence is achieved only through discussion and sharing of ideas. Currently, we have strong partnerships with the Korea Institute of Toxicology, Laboratory for Infectious Disease Prevention, Korea Zoonosis Research Institute, and Breath Center, Jeonbuk National University Hospital. N-CEC is striving hard to develop its network to make a meaningful contribution to the science community.

Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT)

Korea Institute of Toxicology was established in 2002 to contribute to the public health and welfare enhancement by safety assessments of chemical and biological materials such as medicines, pesticides, food additives, and cosmetics, by research developments of related technologies, and by the provision of non-clinical assessment services. Since the establishment, Korea Institute of Toxicology has built an infrastructure to promote global competence and innovation of national industries through the development of next- generation and GLP non-clinical test techniques, according to the global guidelines (U.S. FDA, OECD, etc.) as well and the needs of medical and chemical industries.

Korea Zoonosis Research Institute (KoZRI)

The Korea Zoonosis Research Institute (KoZRI) of CBNU was accredited as an "ABL-3(Animal Biosafety Level III)" facility using large animals by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), which allows researchers to investigate high-risk pathogens that occur in and infect via large animals in a completely blocked environment for the first time in Korea.

Breath Center, Jeonbuk National University Hospital

Breath center specializes in patient safety and convenience, a top priority in yeogimyeo from medical tests, and provides one-stop medical services to the entire process takes that place within the center. Also, strive to improve the quality of the medical services through accurate diagnosis with modern technology.