Non-Clinical Evaluation Center

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Projects are of great importance to any organization and project delivery with highest standard measures the quality and capacity of the organization. N-CEC is a CRO built on trust and efficiency and drives your Non-clinical trials on time, on budget with unmatched efficiency.

Here are the some of the key projects completed by N-CEC

  • Research on healthy functional food materials for improving blood circulation
  • Functional screening for individual recognition of poison ivy, evaluation of non-clinical efficacy
  • Autophagy signaling through calcium communication of organelles and cancer physiology research
  • Effect of Synthetic Peptide in Rat Ovariectomization Model
  • Evaluation of rat's infant growth and development efficacy
  • Effects of Natural Complex Extracts in Rat Prostatic Hyperplasia Model
  • Evaluation of obesity efficacy of the extract
  • In vivo evaluation of hangover relief efficacy of complex extract
  • In vivo evaluation of body fat improvement efficacy of synthetic or extract
  • Cell test to identify functional efficacy of the extract in the obesity model