Non-Clinical Evaluation Center

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*N-CEC proudly announces that it has become one of the council member recognized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).* *Validity evaluation service council selected by KHIDI working efficiently to revolutionize basic and intermediary research in new drugs and medical devices.*


Welcome to Non-Clinical Evaluation Center (N-CEC)

Non-Clinical Evaluation Center (N-CEC) offers unparalleled research services in biomedical research. Our group has a reputation for research excellence, innovative research, and is actively involved in developing potential drugs. Non-clinical research is the key part of developing and evaluating potential drugs, and this is where our expertise lies. Our uniqueness includes our experience, the availability of multiple different animal models, and excellent facilities to conduct research in the Republic of Korea. Our group is capable of providing customized service to a specific investigation work. We provide excellent investigation service to our associates and clients with dedication to the given task.

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Specialty non-clinical research service center is where sponsors can rely on its experience and guidance






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